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Well it never loads. It says "exit page, or wait", and I did wait SEVERAL times but it dident work! I really wanted to play this game, but it just doesent work. :( 

please respond to me about this, whoever created this game.

well, I am pretty late but idk, sometimes the games doesn't work in the original website, bc there are a lot of archives and ur pc can't support it, I would try to download it first, and I think that that way it will work to you, I hope this helps you^^


i just realized that i was afraid of Garfield...


are there jumpscares though

*genuine fear*

no part 2?

I used to love I'm scared... 

nope i will never try this i hate gorefield so much 


Then don't look at the game in the first place???

Looks scary

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Very interesting game... and weird too. 

this was pretty dope. i rly liked it, one of the best meme games. really appreciated the dialogue in the bg ("Garfield you have to stop! Stop eating!")

i wonder if in the end, the house is back to normal, maybe a "it's all just a dream(or is it?)". I'm havent caught up on the garfield lore yet

one of the best meme horrors!

great game

so freaking nerve wreaking

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Thank you for this amazing gaming experience.

this damn cat got soooooooooooooooooooo FAT to the point where he ate the damn house like wow 

Super weird but super awesome!

omg this game is something else!

me playing the garfield game, super funnn!!

Nice game, it is funny.

Its really laggy


Hey! If the browser version is laggy, try out the download for windows! That should do the trick!

the theme is gorefield. thats my fav thing lumpy has made. also, love the gorefield horrorscopes!


I really enjoyed it, but it was funny to me and not really scarry. It probably is scarrier if you you aren't already familiar with the meme. It had the atmospher of a good horror game but the bit was already spoiled for me.


Nice game, I liked the audio you've used for the radio and the Garfield monster's eyes following you around the room whilst you fed it lasagnes, weird and fun.  Ran fine without lags on browser.


A short game, but holds some promise for having a proper Gorefield game in the future. Has a very nice aesthetic

and use of sound.

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Me and my buddy GWAG played this game, it's by far the creepiest game we've seen so far but really lacks any real threat other than your own imagination. Still, great game!

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It's stuff like this that makes me love the internet. This is awesome.



I love the "I'm Sorry Jon" genre and enjoyed this game. The audio was creepy, disturbing, and amazing. While the game was short, it was interesting and I appreciate the little details thrown in, like the cat hair drifting through the air.



QUOTE"WHAT IN THE HELL DID I JUST PLAY??? Poor, poor cat I told you not to eat the house and you didn't listen!!"

My Thoughts

This game was pretty fun, I was able to find some secrets in the process of playing the game. I highly advise anyone that hasn't played this to definitely play this game. You won't regret it at all.


Never thought this meme could ever be this creepy. Great job guys.

so hungry.

good game

Well done!

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