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mmmm so good im sorry jon (munches very loud on bone)

no sé que jugué, pero me gusto mucho 

I'm sorry Jon, i was just, so hungry.

Strange, short, spooky. Loved it.

Nice short game!

nice game.
walkings a little janky though


needs more hair

I made a video on your game (4:48)




me when i see my dog 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

i ate my dog 😂😂😂😂😂

Wished it was a little longer

kinda disturbing

why so short, it almost as short as best friend


kinda boring ngl

wtf was that.. 

fun tho


how can I play it on PS4

kek what? you really playing on console?


great game, kinda wish the ending was smthin like he ate the person as well

Nice! A fun short experience! Garfield is upsetting lol



a bit laggy

slimy and pretty spooky! also everything looked like cheese to me O_o gg dev!

Great horror that’s short and sweet. 

im hungry too

Impossible... IMPOSSIBLE!

why im just hungy


Best meme game I have ever played


MCA Horror replied:

Good game... I kinda wished it was longer and more scary but all in all it was good!!! P.S GIVE ME MORE HORROR GAMES!!!


He was hungry...

Can't blame him, he was hungry.


What the actual fuck did I just play.

Interesting and quick play!

Hmmm. Get the food, Feed the cat.

Was hoping for a bit more than that to be honest. Looks good tho and plays with no problems. Out of the loop if it was based on some sort of comic.


This gayme is so slay!





Garfield est super creepy

Dommage qu il soit aussi court..

i loved his walls 

very creepy

nuuuuuu garfielddddd

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