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it would have been cool to click on garfield then he would say "Im sorry jon... i was soo hungry..." and then pitch black similair to the way the original comic strip ended, but, now we know your modeling skills lumpy ! (they're quite good)


well, uh, that was definitely a game

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please add  Jon and make the game more scary, thanks...


dude do you know how time consuming game development is?


need Dr Garfield


please make..............................................................................................................



Garfield hungy


quite the game indeed lumpy

quite indeed

Pretty sure Markiplier played this in one of his "3 Scary Games" videos. 

Honestly surprised that Markiplier played a Garfield game.


garfield was so hungry he ate me


This game was so goofy lol. Honestly, I really liked it. It was weirder than I thought it would be but that just made it more interesting. I kind of want a part 2 lol


Jedna zanimljiva kratka igrica, nadam se da će biti još ovakvih igrica ali malo više da traje, razumljivo šta treba uraditi i sam koncept je kratak i zanimljiv!

This game has no jumpscares anymore. The game is SO VERY creepiest cool for me. Great job for your game. ;)

was kinda disappointed about not getting a jumpscare at the end, but maybe that'd been quite cliché. Still, great game, enjoyed every second.



i shit my pants



its spelled "john"


not really

I didnt Know What I was Expecting but I Was surprised that I found mysef wanting more after playing, I would Really enjoy a sequel to this that has A little bit more story and Gamplay to it. Keep Up The Great Work !

Good game I rate this is as 3/5 stars (minimum)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

The Good Side:

  • I like the horror theme
  • I like how you added some fur falling like what real fur does
  • The story is okay

The Bad Side:

  • I think the story is too short
  • The lighting could be improve
  • I don't think at all that this is a horror without some spooks or some surprises
  • The story is unexplainable

My ideas:

  • You could add some dialog that can help
  • Add more to the house map like an basement or an attic
  • Add more tasks to do

I'm sorry but I would not recommend this unless more is added

not a chance, jon

so garfield's skin is on the inside of the house so are is outsides on the outside of the house

man i was hoping it was a horror game ;-;


this is a hole game out of the subreddit r/ imsorryjhon

He must feed......

lol cool game

I thought it was a horror game thank god it wasnt

Same here


Quick, funny, little meme game. Not much else to say other than I did enjoy it!



Well it never loads. It says "exit page, or wait", and I did wait SEVERAL times but it dident work! I really wanted to play this game, but it just doesent work. :( 

please respond to me about this, whoever created this game.

well, I am pretty late but idk, sometimes the games doesn't work in the original website, bc there are a lot of archives and ur pc can't support it, I would try to download it first, and I think that that way it will work to you, I hope this helps you^^


i just realized that i was afraid of Garfield...


are there jumpscares though

*genuine fear*

no part 2?

I used to love I'm scared... 

nope i will never try this i hate gorefield so much 


Then don't look at the game in the first place???

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