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Hilariously unsettling. Delightfully creepy. I never knew I could be afraid of Garfield, but here we are! Great game!

Very weird and wacky game you have here! Always been a fan of Garfield! I'd appreciate it if you watched my gameplay and drop a like on the video!


Hey nice work devs i sure liked your work game was short it was scary although there were no jumpscares but the atmosphere was scary i made an video on this video you guys can watch it

I bet you will like the video its funny go watch now

Once I saw the lasagna...i knew...

Starts at 8:15!


I'm both confused and afraid

im so confused lol

This was the second game I played in my video! It has a unique charm to it! It would be cool if there was more added to it in terms of gameplay but I liked it!


Damn I love this! The eventual realization that he ate the whole fucking house - just fabulous!

Are you people okay? I'm just concerned that you all were able to come up with such a terrifying idea. Amazing work.

I'm a huge sucker for stuff like this, couldn't help but play it for youtube immediately!

A really weird and funny game, exactly the way I like it haha! I don't think I've ever played something like this before. Especially not Garfield related. I do have to admit that I could really relate to Garfield. I would've liked me a lasagna too, but yet here I am without lasagna...

The Garfield Show

I WANTED MORE! I was so sad when i found out it was short so i just harassed the cat 

I haven't played, but I can try



LMFAO! very funny game. I love it. there is not much funny games like this one on this site. we really need more of this stuff. make more please and let me know :)

btw here is my video if you are interested:

Very short, but very spot on the "i'm sorry jon" meme.


This game has a good concept, just wish it was a little bit longer. The home and everything really does feel like a Garfield type thing, props to the developer for all that. I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the game, and Garfield as a hideous creature was definitely a sight to see. I played this in my video at about 6:24 after my first game.

pretty cool game but very short.

Also did a gameplay on it.

He was hungry all right...


what a faithfull adaptation of the manga

@Lumpy you made dark games now you made something silly wow You used to make these types of things

That could've been SO GOOD but it was SO SHORT. I feel like I got screwed a little.

Short game but fun. I love that we were feeding him lasagna lol. Check out my play-through if you get time. Any likes or subscribes much needed and appreciated.. ;) . Thanks again!

i however, have lost my appetite

I loved this quick horror game. Garfield was definitely hungry. I included this game in a 3 horror playthrough that I will link below. Gameplay starts at 8:32

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Bruh ngl garfield lookin kinda T H I C C


This was an interesting horror game.  It was pretty short I wish it was a bit longer.  Overall great game! 


Nice Game!


If only it was longer


Pretty short game but good execution!!


Really fun but it was cut short! Nice one dev


Oh, i wasn't expecting this! Hehe. This game reminds me a lot of Puppet Combo's "Feed Me Billy". It's similar to this. But overall, i enjoyed it. But it's a bit too short, but it was good til it lasted. Hope to see more from you.

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Thanks! I appreciate it!


I no longer require a body, John..


I'm sorry Jon, I played the entire game

its good game lumpy pls more games

Forced to play the browser version cause the downloadable version doesn't support 32-bit Windows PCs.

I have noticed a ton of bugs and lag (though the lag could be more or less on my part). Bugs include:

.Not being able to turn off the alarm;

.Certain sound effects wouldn't play, like the door, the faucet, the toilet and the radio.

But i was still able to pick up stuff with E normally and even turn on the TV.

All in all, still a fun walking sim.

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Hmm, strange. I think it has to do with the lagg on the browser because normally everyhing is interactable. I will look if I can make a 32-bit build next to the 64-bit version. Thanks for the heads up!

And thanks for playing!

hello fellow Rafa, I see you are a lump man too

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