A short walking sim. You wake up in the middle of the night to find something isn't right. Your house... has changed.

If the web build lags/ you encounter any bugs, downloadable version is recommended.

WASD - Move
Mouse - Look
E - Interact

Sound Design/UI by LumpyTouch
Follow Lumpy on Twitter @LumpyTouch
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/lumpytouch

Game made by: DaantheDevdude
Follow Daan on Twitter @DaanTheDevDude
itch.io: https://daandevdude.itch.io/

3D Model by: Bbbn19
Follow Bbbn19 on Twitter Bbbn192

Based on the comic by Sam & Toby Alden.

Garfield is owned by Jim Davis, Paws Inc. and Viacom. This is a fan-based parody made available for free. Please join us in supporting official Garfield content.


I Was So Hungry-DOWNLOAD.zip (64bit) 41 MB
I Was So Hungry-DOWNLOAD.zip (32bit) 38 MB


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gorefield contents is always some of my favorite stuff to watch so im glad I got to play a game gorefield related. not only that it was super creepy and I had a lot of fun playing it so hats off to the people who made this

I have always loved anything Gorefield related. Lumpy is one of my favorite animators and I absolutely adore his style in everything he does so this game is ambrosia for me, even if it's a pretty quick short story. I played it through for my Youtube channel so here's the link if you want to watch it :)

Pretty short, but fun game:)

shit myself. never again.


Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 2:24! Hope ya enjoy!


I absolutely love the atmosphere which is brought to another level by the heavy breathing. I didn't know what to expect from a lumpy game, but this is fantastic.

This was definitely interesting lol, it was fun to play


i'm crying and i can't go to sleep because I know i'm gonna wake up hearing garfield's breathing😂

three words... what... the... fuck...

This was weird, but good. That's all I'm gonna say about it.

I have no idea what I just played, super weird but interestingly creatively. Who even comes up with something like this lol. Great job mate, keep up the weird work!

This game was very weir and very creepy. So weird that I actually enjoyed it lol. Fun game. I played it as the second game in one of my videos.

Great game had some good scares keep up the good work :) 

Enjoyed playing this!

This was interesting and odd, but in a creepy I just got eaten by a fat cat kind of way.


Thanks for this nice game, I want everyone to help me by subscribing to my YouTube channel, please collaborate, thanks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1

Hilariously unsettling. Delightfully creepy. I never knew I could be afraid of Garfield, but here we are! Great game!

Very weird and wacky game you have here! Always been a fan of Garfield! I'd appreciate it if you watched my gameplay and drop a like on the video!


Hey nice work devs i sure liked your work game was short it was scary although there were no jumpscares but the atmosphere was scary i made an video on this video you guys can watch it

I bet you will like the video its funny go watch now

Once I saw the lasagna...i knew...

Starts at 8:15!


I'm both confused and afraid

im so confused lol

This was the second game I played in my video! It has a unique charm to it! It would be cool if there was more added to it in terms of gameplay but I liked it!


Damn I love this! The eventual realization that he ate the whole fucking house - just fabulous!

Are you people okay? I'm just concerned that you all were able to come up with such a terrifying idea. Amazing work.

I'm a huge sucker for stuff like this, couldn't help but play it for youtube immediately!

A really weird and funny game, exactly the way I like it haha! I don't think I've ever played something like this before. Especially not Garfield related. I do have to admit that I could really relate to Garfield. I would've liked me a lasagna too, but yet here I am without lasagna...



The Garfield Show

I WANTED MORE! I was so sad when i found out it was short so i just harassed the cat 

I haven't played, but I can try



LMFAO! very funny game. I love it. there is not much funny games like this one on this site. we really need more of this stuff. make more please and let me know :)

btw here is my video if you are interested:

Very short, but very spot on the "i'm sorry jon" meme.


This game has a good concept, just wish it was a little bit longer. The home and everything really does feel like a Garfield type thing, props to the developer for all that. I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the game, and Garfield as a hideous creature was definitely a sight to see. I played this in my video at about 6:24 after my first game.

pretty cool game but very short.

Also did a gameplay on it.

He was hungry all right...


what a faithfull adaptation of the manga

@Lumpy you made dark games now you made something silly wow You used to make these types of things

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