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I love this also i watch your channel!


can you make more of this


I feel somewhat distracted.

De lo más entretenido! Siendo yo un old gamer me ví fascinado por este excelente juego!

:) Muy Bueno 


Great game! amazing consept!

proof from my last comment that super imposter bros works on hacked nintendo 3ds 

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well now i'm playing this game on my nintendo 3ds with mgba and yall who didn't think it was possible, your wrong.

i got to play this with a ps4 controller its compatible

it4s funy


this is REALLY nice. Can you save progress though?

your so sussy i know you took my fortnite card!!11111!1!111

 I like this game but why does this game exist

Because its a game.


I literally got all 3 hearts taken cuz the animation kept throwing me back into the danger

Can you please add this should add E and K to jump. Plus Q and J to attack but the rest of the controls are great


select mode is a pain in the ass

Very nice game! Tried it out on my DSi with an emulator and it was pretty cool.



What is the point of the admin cards?

my god this game is amazing

This Works Good On GPemu


Whatt the heck is the select button

Why does the downloaded file shows me this kinda thing instead of opening the game?
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You opened it with notepad, it's a .gb file for GB Studio:


You'll need to open it with an emulator. Visual Boy Advance is my recommendation. Google it and you can download it for free.


controlls don't work


Ah this is the game of my choice!


I have a bug in all original hardware in wich going right is a lot faster than going left.


I accidently broke the game and could not finish it, none the less this game was fantastic !!

Very neat, but I keep getting hurt, being knocked back into ANOTHER thing that hurts me, and dying. :/


I talk a lot of shit about this game in the video but i actually really liked it. I did get a game breaking bug on the final stage in classic mode. I died in the ice section and had to restart the level but when i did everything was still slippery like ice which made the level basically impossible so i had to restart the game. Other than that i really liked the pixel art and design. good game.

Great game!


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Wanted to finish making the video about this game first before dropping my thoughts on it.


+The sprite work is great, per usual Lumpy methods

+The jumping and the controls may take sometime to get used to, but once you do, it feels nice to control it

+Music is top notch for a Game Boy game (great work Melon)

+Story is nice and simple (you either try to prove that you're the better impostor, or let your brother become the better one and having a wholesome dynamic)

+The secrets are a nice addition, plus great references to your previous and upcoming works)


-The last keycard on the first level is way too cryptic to know where it is (only found out about it per other people's playthroughs), while managing to find the rest of the keycards of the game without guides (mostly)

-The weight of your crewmate can feel a little too light at times, making you constantly overshoot your jumps for no good reasons

-Some obstacles are near impossible to dodge without getting hit.

-I feel like there should be different endings depending on how many items you managed to find in your playthroughs, cause having the same 2 endings, regardless of what item you used the previous levels feels disappointing)


*On a rare ocassion on Level 2, upon climbing up the stairs after finding the secret, the enemies on screen stopped moving (This was caught on recording for the video)

*If you get hit by an enemy while moving to the next room at the same time, the next room's particles move considerably off where they would normally be, while the hitbox remains where it is. For example, if i were to get hit by an enemy in Level 2 and moving to the next room while the shaking and sprite still occur, the next room will render, say, the electrical shocks that hurt you a few pixels away from where it's supposed to be set.

To fix it, just get hit again and the sprites will return to their right positions

In conclusion, i give this game a 7.6/10.

Heyy This game is awesome. Just think I want to say. The control. I accidentially push any key and it show me controls, and start again. But this problem solved after few time.Soo I like the game.



That's the Secret Man, who appeared on his "You Found a Secret" duology series on Lumpy's channel.


va se fuder

que isso brother

- Me to my Message-

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