SUPER IMPOSTOR BROS. is an Among Us fangame made for the GameBoy Color. Part platformer, part visual novel, play it in your web browser, or download the rom and play it on an emulator or an actual GameBoy Color!

This is a free fan game, not affiliated with Innersloth. Support them by purchasing Among Us!

  • WASD: Move
  • K: Jump
  • J: Attack
  • Enter: Start
  • Card Count: Shift

Each stage has 5 hidden ID cards. Collect all 5 in a stage to unlock a special item. The special item gives you a different choice in the cutscenes at the end of the level. There is also a hidden room in each of the 3 stages. Can you find them all?

Art: LumpyTouch
Programming/Design (Some art too!): Danee
Music: MelonadeM

Thank you to the Patreon Pals that funded the development of this game. If you'd like to support my future projects, consider supporting me on Patreon!

Made with GB Studio.

Are you a streamer/Youtuber? Here's some artwork to make a great thumbnail/overlay.

Love the tunes? Listen to the soundtrack!

Watch some Among Us animations by Lumpy!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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finally managed to finish the game and got the potion ending,

Sympathic little game with solid game design, but frustrating at some point: there is no invicibility frame, make it really hard to survive spikes, and the jumps defitinvely needs to be buff as it's hard to control your trajectory and landing are all slippery.


it's good but theres no invincibility frames and the controls are super slippery, making it really hard to platform






i found de 5掳 card in the level 1 :)

i like this game


sussy 馃槼

cool game


驴final version?


It's hard to play on browser mode, how do I enter the game, when I choose which mode I want to play, it won't play it; it pauses it. The visuals are amazing though! :^D


u have to press Z, took me a while to work it out too ':D

Thank u


there鈥檚 no audio playing for me on browser mode…

Hahaha, sick!


How do u even begin/pick a mode

press Z

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Hey Lumpy Touch, can you please give me the GB Studio project file or export it in .pocket format please, I am trying to put it on my Analouge Pocket but it only supports .pocket files exported from GB Studio so either you would have to do it or I could do it. Please export it in .pocket format.


You can request it here:

I did

im playing this with a arcade stick :)


how do you start

press Z


Found a game-ruining bug in which dying in the slippery ice zone, maybe game-overing in said zone, causes the game to permanently have ice physics. Just thought someone should know that.

It must be an issue with the game retaining certain information after a game over. I found a similar bug in which upon starting a Chilled game, after being classic, the first time I died, I was sent back to where I had last died in the Classic playthrough. I really like this game, and hope to help make it even better!

lmao very noice!

I liked it

I managed to get completely softlocked. Sadly doesn't allow for any images but yeah seemed like a fun twist on an existing game. Perhaps life for impostors are riddled with trials such as these. Good job, well made.

I loved the music and the story behind the game! Found the levels challenging but doable to try to 100%. Loved the game!

I gotta say lumpy I had fun with this game. I played through the whole thing and managed to find everything without looking anything up which is something I am proud of.

The game's graphics are nice and properly resemble the artwork from your among us gameboy videos, the platforming is fun to play and the cutscenes are something that kept me from turning off the game.

It however had some things that I did not like. The "secrets" are not much of secrets because they are WAY to easy to find, ID card 1 is WAY too hard to grab in level 3, The 4th ID card is near impossible to grab without taking damage, The music despite being of the game boy's time is forgivable I found no tracks that I liked and the secret option ending for stage 3 is spoiled on the game's site.

Other than that it is a great among us game that does not copy among us and accurately shows what the imposters went through in the ventilation shafts.

is it actually possible to play it on a gameboy, because i really want to, i just dont know how i would

lumpy on yt said that it is playable on a gameboy color







Amogus game

i dont like how you die


If you fall off in the ice physics area, you'll respawn with all your momentum, probably causing you to shoot off the ledge immediately. And then this made me run out of lives in that area which sent me to the start of the level, but everything still has ice physics. X_X


how do i start the game bc when trying to select a mode I press all the buttons on my controller but it does not work


I've been playing the game on my DS, and I've got to say, WOW! The game was a lot more polished, entertaining, funny and *fun* then I thought it would be, and that's saying a lot for a homebrew game on the GBC. There are a few things that really bugged me though, such as the lack of a password system, reversed buttons (I would assume this was done for PC users), and a way to self destruct in the case of getting stuck somewhere, which actually happened a few times, leading me to resetting the game and losing all of my progress. Overall, this looks very promising already, but with a few QOL adjustments and more levels (I've only gotten up to 1-2 so I can't speak much on that), this could actually be an awesome game!!! Good luck on your future projects!


also a mute button

its kinda hard to play. i get confused how to jump every 10 seconds



You'll need the Lunar IPS patcher program, the .IPS file linked here and and an original Super Imposter Bros ROM file. Open Lunar IPS and click "Apply IPS patch".

Select the IPS Patch File (click to download), and afterwards select the unmodified Super Imposter Bros file. Once you're done with those steps, the program should say "Patch applied".

Once you've done that, the ROM should be patched, and your movement speed should now be stable, for whatever reason!

Lumpy, if you see this, feel free to publish the patched file yourself, no credit is needed. I'm just happy to help!


Worked! Thanks!

You're welcome :)

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this game is epic I am gonna look at more of your games

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