You were playing fetch with your best friend when he suddenly vanished. You're on the trail, you're going to get him back. Hurry!

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ControllerKeyboard (QWERTY)
Up/Down/Left/RightArrow Keys
A - JumpZ - Jump
B - Bark/Throw Ball/InteractX - Bark/Throw Ball/Interact
Y - Drop/Pick up ballS - Drop/Pick up ball

Art: Lumpy
Programming: jf1x
Music: Larner

If you'd like a different experience, turn on Double Jump mode! 

You can turn on Double Jump mode by holding X (A key) and pressing [Up]. This mode will grant you a second jump mid-air after regular jumps and wall jumps. High scores will be marked with a Double Jump icon if you had it on at any time during the run.

Double Jump mode can also be used for another speedrun category as best times are stored separately!

Has your ball disappeared or is unreachable?

Never fear! Ancient canine magic is available to you! Simply hold X (S key) and press [Down] and your ball will be teleported to your feet. But beware, a full 3 minute time penalty will be applied. All magic comes at a cost!

Performance issues with the web version?

Please download the standalone .exe below to play natively on Windows.

How did you do? 

Take a screenshot your results screen and post it on the Lumpy subreddit.

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorsLumpy, jf1x
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Made withTIC-80
Tags16-bit, 2D, Animals, Horror, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky


fetchquest-1.2.1.exe 9 MB

Development log


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(4 edits)

TIC-90 sometimes hangs out on my laptop so I will try and play it more later.

Edit: Just read that the download version runs better so I am going to give that a try!

Edit 2: Got to Crumbling Room on the downloaded version. The jumping on the wall is a bit frustrating because of the lack of sound effects and the strictness of the timing. I do really like the mechanic of having to remember to carry the ball though, and I like the idea of difficulty (like getting the ball back) by being a time penalty too. Gonna play more later though once I calm down from the more frustrating jumping. Also I love how atmospheric the backing music is at this part though. I think it compliments the setting and mood well

(Some spoilers)
I love the initial starting hook. Playing fetch three times and getting on the road. That tension and speculation whether I was already dead and ran over by a car or if the owner really was hurt. It is effective in making me want to play.

Edit: Turns out that wasn't scripted or deterministic as I was able to catch the ball before it went to the road. Still a good hook but I loved the tension of it being on the road during my first attempt

One thing I'd say is that on PC, the button prompts being mapped to controller is pretty confusing even when I know it's the controller prompt. It definitely should swap once it detects input from controller or keyboard so its not as confusing.

The controls still feel pretty decent though, although I am still early on (I want to play more of it!). Just gotta figure out why TIC-90 lags for me sometimes its probably something on my end.

I rated 5/5 stars. Thanks for making this game


im pressing "A" in the start but its doing nothing and idk why im in pc

i may have softlocked the game in leap of faith.

is there a way to pause my game? I like it so far but i can't play nonestop for the whole game.

You can press [Esc] to open the TIC-80 pause menu. Then, resume the game by either pressing [Esc] again, or selecting RESUME GAME.

super hard game.


Plz make a option to reset ur progress

whoever designed the beginning of level 3. who hurt you?

(1 edit)

Has an annoying feature where there's a "bug" for controllers that opens up the game creation tool so you can see/change the code/sprites. Cute idea but I pressed the select button to see if it open a different type of pause menu like some games do (showing completion times or something) and it was just the regular pause menu so I pressed select again and it activated this "bug"... and I lost all my progress. I didn't even realise what happened at first. Game seemed quite nice but I was just to irritated to continue after that.


Hmmm, what’s the max amount of time to get the second ending?

10/5 great game, solid mechanics, beautiful story that forced me to play again and aim for more speed; great game to initiate a speedrunnner into 

i honestly cried when the boy got taken XD

really heart warming in the end tho

Gets crazy hard further in, reminded me of things like Jump King and the like, playing with a keyboard was a mistake, lmao.

great game! cute and fun to play. i like the game's creative gimmick with the ball and how it's inspired by the plot. and i like the speedrunning mechanics built into the game. i wish more games were speedruner friendly out of the box. kudos!

Deleted 2 years ago

Goood Boy


couldnt get double jump mode to turn on, i tried every key i could but none of them did it. it told me to press X but theres no x key???

just use A instead.

for whatever reason, the game tells you shitty controller buttons, you have to use z x s as the keyboard substitute. yet for the cheats, you literally have to use A on the keyboard.... Talk about confusing! :-)

x key on KEYBOARD

Pause button would be a good thing


yay for doggos
they shall be the worst best pet in the world

Deleted post

I just love this game, it's pretty cool with great difficulty, it took me like 4 hours in a row do the secret ending, the secret screen and 6 minutes. Just epic, gg lumpy

(2 edits)

I may be wrong, but there is a part shortly after eating the magic "herb" and everything changes where continuing isn't actually possible as far as I can tell.


Very fun regardless, but I'm not seeing how to progress here. Maybe I'm just dumb.

It's possible kinda hard but possible, you need to make a walljump (I was stuck in that part too) step 1 (red) : jump in the first block. Step 2(blue) : make a walljump like in the image. Step 3 (green) : jump over that

(1 edit)

I tried that a bunch of times but I couldn't ever reach the top dissolving block, I would walljump off the left one and then just bonk my head on the top one. I'll have to try again I guess. Thanks for letting me know!

Hmm, really? Well I think just u need a little bit of practice anyways, you're welcome I think that is the harder jump in the game, but well. Good luck! 

(1 edit)

i got there but i feel out of bounds due to the pole and i rage quit. you can do it on the ohter sideby wall jumping then getting on that block. then parkuor ur way to the next part.

There's no two ways about it - this is the hardest jump in the game. You can easily get to the bottom dissolving block by wall jumping off the pole to the right, but getting to the 2nd block is tricky. I find I do it best if I don't even think about it

Omg, so that. 

Anyways, I beat this game in 4:48 minutes (double jump) and 5:48 mins without double jump. 

Also, hello Lumpy how are u? 

this gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Very cool game! I enjoyed playing it.

it's a great game, but the vertical tower section is just absolute hell in game design.

Even so, the game is pretty well made. Controls are smooth, even if walljump mech is a bit iffy with corners.

Stumbled across this after seeing it in GBjam 8! Love it! 10/10

My only grievance with the game was that I set it down to continue it a few hours later and it had me start from the beginning, that, and sometimes the cultist will move into little corridors that end up trapping your ball having you restart because you can't get them to move out of the way so you can get the ball. Other wise, I love the style, I love the music and it really is like Jump King in its rage educing game play (in a good way)!

*gets to the Sun God Temple*

oh wow i wasn't aware that this was a rage game

*falls to the very bottom to the 17th time in a row*

so this is what Getting Over It and Jump King must feel like.

i have come to make an announcement! hekkin cultists is bitch ass motherfucker! they sacrificed my boy so i sacrifice the earth! thats right! this is what you get! my super lazer bark! exept im not gonna sacrifice earth! im gonna go higher! im sacrificing your god! you see that lunatic cultist? i sacrificed your god u idiot! you have 24 hours before the sound of my bark hits the earth! now get out of my sight or ill sacrifice you too!

hey everybody, can u complete the twist and turns stage. 

u can

keep on jumping and try to get the ball inside the small hole if im right then itll break the block



(1 edit)

Great game, just thought it was annoying how fast the dog accelerates its either launch forward or tip toe forward, anyway still fun

edit: the camera scrolling u and down between areas can be kinda nauseating idk if thats just me

was i SUPPOSED to fall through the entire map?


ngl i thought the secret ending would be polygon lumpy congratulating you

I just realised that the blocks at the bossfight have braille on them.

Lumpy, do I need to collect all 13 bones for secret ending?

and also timer

Not really, just do it under 8 minutes. (And the secret room is with 13 bones and under 8 minutes)


awful controls

the controls are not bad, you're just being a wimp.

lumpy, get a load of this wimp.


it took me two days but i finally got the secret ending. i did with a time of 9:42 and i am so proud rn :)

You are a champion


i have come to make an announcement! hekkin cultists is bitch ass motherfucker! they sacrificed my boy so i sacrifice the earth! thats right! this is what you get! my super lazer bark! exept im not gonna sacrifice earth! im gonna go higher! im sacrificing your god! you see that lunatic cultist? i sacrificed your god u idiot! you have 24 hours before the sound of my bark hits the earth! now get out of my sight or ill sacrifice you too!

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