Fetch Quest 1.2

Fetch Quest 1.2 is now available!

We are so pleased to see how many of you are playing and enjoying Fetch Quest. We've heard a lot of feedback and found a few bugs that have been fixed up in this new version. See below for full patch notes.

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v1.2 Changelog

  • Ball pickup/drop bound to Y button (S key). Up/Down still works, but as previously, cannot be used while pressing Left or Right. Y, however, *can* be used while moving.
  • Ball Return is now X button (A key) and [Down]. Double Jump Toggle is now X button (A key) and [Up]. A new sign has been added to the forest intro area explaining this.
  • Switches now capture the ball when it enters them, making switch toggles much faster and easier.
  • Added partial room transitions to the main tower. Hopefully this reduces uncomfortable situations where the camera moves a lot when platforming between rooms.
  • Wall jumping bug fixed, it should be slightly easier to do multiple sequential wall jumps.
  • Hundredths of a second are now shown in the final time and high scores (but not in the running timer)
  • The walls at the top of the penultimate level have had their height increased so you can't jump into the void.
  • Some common softlock locations have been fixed. This should not affect speed run routes. Softlocks are still possible if you really try but shouldn't occur as often unintentionally. Remember to use Ball Return if it's your ball that's stuck or missing!
  • Fireball knockdown should feel more consistent.
  • If you glitch out of the tower into the void, you'll now be teleported back to the last switch you triggered, or the bottom of the level.
  • Game version is now shown on score screen.
  • You now start the finale scene facing left instead of right.
  • Added a missing door.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the ball to teleport when a breakable block respawned on top of it.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause an automatic, unintended wall jump after a regular jump.
  • Fixed double jump high score bug (now saves bones collected correctly).
  • Fixed a typo in a secret ending.


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Nov 06, 2020
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Nov 06, 2020

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epic, I love how you and your team are working hard for this, it's very great see how you listen to community and patch the game. 

Good Lumpy and team!