MORBSWEEPER is the GAME OF ALL TIME. Play as Dr. Michael Morbius, and suck your way to victory! This is a twisted version of MINESWEEPER. Click on a MORB to reveal what is underneath. BE CAREFUL. Some MORBS have a REVIEW BOMB under them, which will damage your Tomatometer score. AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTS! If you see a tile with a number, that means it's touching that many REVIEW BOMBS. Click carefully!

Advanced Minesweeper techniques like CHORDING are also possible.
Click here for a more in depth Minesweeper Tutorial/Guide.


RIGHT CLICK: MARK a MORB (This means you suspect it has a bomb under it, marking it makes it so you can't left click it until you UNMARK it.)

SPACE: Quick restart.

Clicking on MORBS quickly builds your MORB METER. Once your MORB METER is full, you enter MORB MODE. In MORB MODE you can build a COMBO by clicking on MORBS that don't have a bomb under them. But you have to be quick!

Try to finish the game without clicking on any REVIEW BOMBS! See if you can finish the game quickly! Good luck.


ART by LumpyTouch YouTube

CODE by qkjosh

MORBSWEEPER MAIN THEME by branflakes Youtube channel

MORBMODE THEME by hi5music Instagram

MENU THEME by PhillChabbb YouTube

How fast did you finish the game? What was your Tomatometer score? POST BELOW!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(87 total ratings)
AuthorsLumpy, sparrowhousegames
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tags2D, Horror, Meme, minesweeper, Parody, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, weird


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this is the game of all time

Very nice Minesweeper clone. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:02:05. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 馃檪


truly one of the games of all time


Mine was 0%



you just marked it wrong


morb mode scares me

(1 edit)

Yea, something made it stop loading :(

It doesn't want to load for me :( 


i luv u morbius :>

I like this vibe

how do I get this full screen?


this game is worth more than the movie


The greatest game

Ever made


People should be morbing this up.


This certainly is one of the games of all time


10/10 the best game i've ever played


a game


downloadable version please :(



10/10 I could successfully make my dream of morbin' come true at last, would recommend


this game is gonna make a morbillion dollars


did I just got morbed?

(1 edit)

Best time and combo I got so far (+200 bonus morbs for style)

Lol, played too much minesweeper in the past XD

Fastest perfect time ive gotten


yeahhhh im gonna need an offline executable version of this,


This is morbtastik


The first game to get 1 morbillion players


This game is great. I love minesweeper and play it all the time and now I can play it as my favorite character, Dr. Michael Morbius. 

My main wish for the game is that some harder boards are added. Additionally, it would be cool if Morb Mode did something more than just increase your score so that it really felt like I got something from Morbing. Also there's an issue where clicking on a bomb doesn't decrement the number of flags you have.

I do like this much more aesthetically pleasing minesweeper and it is some good fun. 7/10 would Morb again.



(psss i haveint seen morb


bro how is it too hard its just minesweepe reskinned


Give them a break man, you need to watch the movie first to understand what's going on on the screen 馃様

sadge cant morb


I scrolled down on my "Recommended" List, and have never laughed harder in my life at the mere mention of morbing like this. Absolutely loved it, even learned how to minesweep just to more efficiently morb.

(1 edit) (+1)

It's morbin' time!


This got mooooorrrrbbbb vibes, love it! Keep morbin'!




press the morb button 1000 times for a funny



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This game morbed my mind so much that i transended to the morb realm where my gamer skill were improved thanks to my learning of the morb arts, this increased morb skill allowed me to get a 1:o8.78 time and a 70% tomatometer score, this score shall keep our lord Michael Morbius appeased for now.

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