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bro pls remove the sansfield s ZZZZZZZZZZ attack when sleeping i cant get past of that

Bro just get in there and tap up twice, then down twice. Repeat until it's over.


no, its supposed to make it hard, and if they did that means they only have one attack in phase 


this is based

C sucks and swallows lasagna at this.


the is great exept i cannot move right when playing the game


u probably just have a bad keyboard. just press right arrow.


i just figured out that my right arrow button was acting up


great game, but, did anybody else find out that you can just stay in the bottom left corner while the garfield kicking odie attack happens and you take no damage


Only reason it's does that because they didn't think players go there so hitbox barely hits you.


bro this is way to good lmaoo


Lmao, even this game has a Jojo reference



really good but why isnt normal mode renamed to nermal

really liked the song 10/10 love this game. didnt get too far but i had a lot of fun playing the game might come back to this and try to beat it 

i cant get past the pokey blasters, dripping sandwich, odie chasing the bone attack, or jon yelling garfield, but still a great fangame

those attacks are literally 80% of that phase sooooooo good luck with that!

I so badly want to be able to play this, but sadly I'm stuck on Android. If this had to stay on HTML5, any chance you could make it have at least phonescreen support and Bluetooth support? Like, it'll resize and autorotate to your screen, and you could use something like an XBOX or Playstation controller for it.


... You know Itch.IO can be viewed in the mobile web browser too, right?

no i didn't and i am sorry

It would be great to get controller support, and its also easy to add in game maker but phonescreen support would be harder to add, the option being making a apk version but that is harder to add and costs a shit ton of moni.

beat hard mode, now its time to have a bad monday..

I’ve been going at bad monday mode for a while, and i’d recommend going back into the easier modes and just learning how to dodge all the attacks. I’m pretty sure they behave the same for monday mode, so you should be good.


*you feel like a walking cliche* im probably the only one who got that reference-


a downloadable version would be cool


Make a executable ver web is trash...


I dont mean the game is trash, just the fact that game maker web support is trash. 

Also i heard game maker web games get stuck on some devices and having a program form owuld be good for pepole with that problem, still impressing how they managed web building since i never figured it out when trying it out on my own.

Also a program version would be cool for modding smh.

There are comments of ppl getting black screen due to the trash web support of gms... 

There are alsp ppl with trash internet who cant play it in the browser.

Got both the normal endings, Now onto hard mode!

Is there gonna be any public sheet music for the ost?

my rng is trash

good for you

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Fullscreen, please.

Other than that, after a while it feels like forever to get to the good part. 

PRAY is such a cool concept for a random spell that could save you in a pinch, but there's just too much RNG put into it, and so much of these useless effects that it's not worth it most of the time - 3 different "spells" do nothing (?), stuff like the thunder still has rng involved, in whether its gonna stun or nut, and pasta fairy can fill up your inv in noodles which heal for 15 hp only, which makes healing tedious and just makes the fight even longer.

there is a thing called inspect element where you can use to go to the page where it is just the bad monday simulator

Yeah but it's still not full screen.


how do i fullscreen

Please allow us to change the Controls, it would be nice

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weak sensitivity because of this it is not realistic to pass


i would recommend you to get better

well this google translate :/




good for you


Dear god how do you go into full screen?


Thats the neat part

You dont


I used pray the second Sansfield turned into his sleeping phase and I got Paralyze then I Prayed and got Ice rain but i got soft locked because it kept playing the animation but not dealing any damage. I think this happened because I got Sansfield to 1 HP which isn't supposed to happen. Any way to fix this?



love murdering animals




btw will there be a download link in the next update


is there any way to install this?


This game is good, it has great potential, the only problem I have is that the Gaster Blaster move in PHASE 1, is a little too much.
I suggest removing the blast move after they attack to Hard/Monday Mode as for Normal it's just a little too much for "New players" to contend with.

im playing a garfield game on a monday wow

Did you play on the Monday mode?

nah to scared

hi playing a garfield game on a monday wow


are you going to make a full undergarf game and if yes will it be free


please add the ability to skip game over cutscene  


how do you dodge that one attack where garfield has i fliping gun with san


that's the neat part.

when the bone is coming out do left then up and when a new bone comes out do down then right

i got blackscreen'd, the SFX work but i can't see anything,plz fix


Wow! This is incredibly well done - the programming, the animation, the music, everything is simply incredible. This is an awesome game, I can tell how much passion is put in. Thank you for making this, and thank you more for releasing it for free!


Unfortunately, the game is a bit unplayable for me, I'm primarily left handed and use wasd, but the game forces me to use the arrow keys, which I am not too used to, as well as my arrow keys being smaller on my keyboard.


how do you Fullscreen this game because I can't Fullscreen and I tried every button that could be used

don't think you can

can you make Easy (for noobs like me)

imagine being a noo

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