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Adrift over endless dark seas, a young man spies faint light on the horizon. Approaching slowly closer, an island takes shape.  A strange and beckoning hotel looms at it's peak. The hotel's latest guest has finally arrived.

Soultel was my take on a 'walking simulator', with some mild platforming. It was an ambitious undertaking for myself, and while I fell short on my goals for the project, I present this to you as a proof of concept. Be aware that the game in it's current state is fairly broken. 

The art was truly a labour of love. At some point if I'm able, I would love to explore this idea further.

My handle on twitter is @LumpyTouch. I post primarily pixel art.

I also have a game dev art stream which I do 5 days a week. Come check it out! www.twitch.tv/lumpytouch


Music and art by myself.

Title Screen and Ending Screens are by Sketchuu.

Plugin credit goes to: Galv, Yanfly, Victor, SumRndmDde (http://sumrndm.site/), Tyruswoo. Dekita (www.dekyde.com) Mr. Trivel, FD Suprema


Hotel.zip 190 MB


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Very  good

I'm not into platformers, but the graphics are pretty cool looking! Good job, and good luck!